Sri Sai Vandana Foundation

Dana Group founded Sri Sai Vandana Foundation for Rural and Community Development, in 1995, for the enhancement and development of rural populace in Nigeria through her programmes of integration and uplifting of lives of the less privilege in the society. The Foundation is involved in natural resource management, livelihood support or the building of a health and education infrastructure, with full support and participation of Central, State Governments and NGOs concerned, for the success of programmes or projects undertaken for the realization of the Foundation’s goals.


The main elements of Sri Sai Vandana Foundation policy includes:

  • Providing and promoting the provision of healthcare services, clean water, education, vocational training and other social infrastructures to the community
  • Assisting the physically handicapped members of society in achieving their goals
  • Involving employees and encouraging them in volunteer service for community development programmes
  • Working in conjunction with the governments, development agencies, corporate bodies and NGOs in the implementation of sustainable community development programmes for the advancement of socio-economic development
  • Following a transparent beneficiary selection criterion for the economically weaker sections of society.