Dana Drugs Limited

Backed by nationwide network of branches together with a large fleet of distribution vans, we have established ourselves as a major player in the trade. Dana Drugs distributes all the products manufactured in Nigeria by the Dana Pharmaceuticals factories along with a variety of imported products and medical devices. Some of our products – like Paradana and Ferrodan, have become brand leaders in their segment.

Over the years, Dana Drugs has obtained NAFDAC’s seal of approval on more than 27 products to complement the existing pharma product range; Formulations, Antibiotics as well as surgical products were added to its portfolio – produced by reputed overseas pharmaceutical companies.

Surgical Products

Latex Surgeons’ Gloves Latex Surgeons’ Gloves, Sterilized by Gamma-Ray


Flow Set Non Vented I.V.Administration Set with Latex Flash Bulb Injection Site


Blood Transfusion Set Transfusion Set with Latex Flash Bulb Injection Site


Scalp Vein Set Scalp Vein Set, Sterile, Pyrogen Free, Tube Lengh: 30 cm


Danaject Disposable Hypodermic Syringe, Sterile, Non Toxic, Pyrogen Free