Kia Rewards Customers with Body Shop Promo, Offers Car Painting Service for as low as N27,000

27th June 2019

An Engineer at the Kia body shop working on a Kia Car.

In line with the unwavering resolve of Kia Motors Nigeria to continuously provide best in class service delivery to its customers and staying true to the brand’s value-driven mission, the ‘Promise to Care’, the leading auto company has rolled out service campaigns to reward customers. The new ‘Mega March Makeover’ promo amongst other offers is aimed at providing a top-notch bodywork and painting service for teeming customers at a heavily discounted pricing and its one of the bundled auto services and repairs offers from Kia.

The new discounted body shop initiative offers body and painting services to car owners to help them reinvent the look and feel of their cars. Under the Mega March Makeover promo, the company is offering as low as N27,000 and up to 45% discount on all body repairs and painting to customers while cutting process time through the new state-of-the-art paint booths and highly trained and specialized body shop engineers in the service centres.

Painting a car is an opportunity to rejuvenate its original look or even to try out a new look with a different color. However, with the number of roadside body shops with low-quality paints at a cheap price and the high cost of painting works from major auto dealers, more often than not, car owners are bedeviled with a difficult choice; highly priced quality painting vs quack body shops with low quality painting work that wears out in no time. With so much confusion and misinformation around the collision repair process, and to help bridge the gap between price and quality painting works, Kia Motors Nigeria has found it beneficial to take an active role in the process and improve brand loyalty in addition to offering best-in-class body works and painting at an affordable price for customers.

Spray-painting any vehicle is a long process that involves special tools and skills, so it’s a job best left to a professional. In view of this, Kia Motors Nigeria as a leading brand in auto service and repairs is determined to offer best-in-class painting at a discounted pricing as low as N27,000. From the basic painting such as few coats to showroom standard which includes sanding the bodywork down to bare metal, removing all of the rust and dents, and then applying up to 24 coats of high-quality paint, Kia’s body shop is equipped with ultramodern facilities to help restore your car to glory.

“As a leading auto brand in the country with increasing market share, our focus is on providing high quality, innovative products and above all solutions and offers to our growing customer base in Nigeria,” Sanjay Tatpati, Chief Operation Officer, Kia Motors Nigeria said in a statement. On the need to launch this initiative, Sanjay further stressed that “there are two primary goals. Number one is quality painting at affordable pricing.” According to him, “this is about a proper, highly professional repair for Kia vehicles that are on the road, and ultimately that correlates directly to our second objective: being customer-centric. This is a customer-first program that is all about how we can best maintain Kia cars for our customers and anyone else that may be involved in an accident or just a general makeover for cars”

“It all starts with customer satisfaction and works backward from there,” said Sanjay. “Typically, customers are in a collision at one point or the other, so it’s not something they deal with on a daily basis. However, when they are involved in a collision, it’s always an unpleasant experience. So that’s where we like to start: getting that customer into a certified body shop and making sure that they’re happy with their experience.”

Kia has always reinvented a dynamic customer-centric offering that addresses the evolving concerns of its customers while remaining true to its well-proven virtues, the Promise to Care’. The Mega March Makeover is one of such programs that are rolled out to help customer have the best car ownership experience in the country. It will be recalled that earlier this year Kia commenced ‘Express Service’ to offer a quick and convenient way to keep your car in great shape. This service takes care of auto maintenance quickly and without an appointment, to easily take care of Kia cars whenever it’s convenient for their owners and then helps them get back on the road in no time. They don’t have to wait around or take a day off to give their car the attention it needs; they just stop by any Kia service centre and the company will get them back behind the wheel as soon as possible.