As a preferred healthcare facilitator based in Lagos, Nigeria, DLC Africa assists patients with the process of finding the right doctor and treatment plan for their medical conditions. They also help the patients with the logistics to travel overseas to world-class hospitals to receive their treatment at an affordable cost.

DLC has partnered with Max Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare networks in India managing 16 hospitals, including the former BLK Hospital, Delhi and Nanvati Hospital, Mumbai.

The new face of healthcare.

Our vision is to be the most well-regarded healthcare provider in Nigeria committed to the highest standards of clinical excellence and patient care in partnership with leading global hospitals that’re supported by the latest technology and cutting-edge research.

We have a deeper level of patient understanding and are always empathetic to their needs. This encourages a culture of providing a higher standard of patient-centered care. We respect each other and our patients and ensure that their needs are met with dignity. We rise to the occasion each time for we recognize the positive social impact we can create.

Our Core Values.

We ask more of ourselves and are always passionate about achieving the highest standards of medical expertise and patient care. We understand that being the best is a continuous journey of becoming better versions of ourselves every day.

We create a responsive healing environment, by being nimble to the needs of our patients and delivering what they really need with precision and timing. We are focused yet fast, personal vet practical, advanced yet seamless in delivering the exact care our patients need.

We always deliver on our commitment and ensure the highest level of patient care is met at every stage, every time. We believe that only through consistency can we achieve our patients’ trust and fulfill our goals

We’ve Partnered with the best.

Our partner, Max Healthcare is a pioneer in the introduction of technology to provide patients with the highest standards in medical care. Examples are the Intra-operative MRI, North India’s first 4th generation Da Vinci Xi Robotic System, and the Electronic Health Record System that’s used across Max Hospitals. The hospitals are equipped with advanced medical equipment like state-of-the-art Cath labs, Robotics, OT with HEPA, Nuclear Medicine, PET CT, Gama Camera, LINAC with Exactrac for Radiotherapy, MRI, and CT scan machines.