From the onset, let me thank you for your interest to walk with us on the journey of discovering Dana Group and the opportunity to share our vision with you. As you delve into the next few pages on this platform, you will come to see why Dana Group is widely acknowledged as a leading conglomerate in Nigeria with diverse business interests in the core sectors of the nation’s economy.

Dana Group is a diverse and dynamic organization and I am immensely proud to be its CEO.

Within our profile, we’ve demonstrated why Dana Group continues to stay ahead of the curve with interests that are strategically spread across key sectors, positioning us as a major contributor to the industrialization of Nigeria’s economy through diversification and a perfect blend of a value-chain conglomerate.

At Dana Group, we do not rest on our successes and have developed methods and tools for continuous improvement, working with our customers in a collaborative way to ensure that we always strive to be the best and offer innovative and optimal solutions to all of our customers – old and new – across all of our many and diverse operations.

We operate in challenging industries.

The only real constant is change. Therefore, it is imperative to our customers and partners that Dana Group be able to navigate these challenges and stay atop delivering end-to-end values.

Service delivery

We revolutionize service delivery with innovative solutions and products


Committed to improving people’s lives and the environment


Our innovative companies meet the needs of today and tomorrow.


Creating an end-to-end value proposition to customers and partners