Internship Trainee

Company :    Dana Phamaceutical Company
Job Title :     Internship Trainee
Job Code :    
Qualification :    B.Pharm, Bsc. Pharmacy, Pharm D. or a any relevant degree.
Experience :     Post NYSC
Seniority Level :     Intern
Industry :     Pharmaceuticals
Job Functions :     Internship Trainee
Location :     Minna
Employment Type :    

B.Pharm, Bsc. Pharmacy or any relevant degree in pharmacy.
Degree must be from an accredited university.
Evidence of Induction and Oath taking by PCN (Pharmacist Council of Nigeria).

Overall Accountablities
Drug development and reformulation processes.
Quality Assurance in regard to:
Good Manufacturing Practice.
Quality Control.
Manufacturing and Packaging Processes.
Marketing and Distribution of Pharmaceuticals.
Manipulation of pharmaceutical equipment in common use.
Keeping of stores and adequate knowledge of store procedures.
Understanding the principle of packaging and the choice of packaging materials.
Use of common reference books in pharmacy.
Documentation and records management.
Production procedures in the various production lines standard operating procedures (SOPs).
Principles of batch coding.
Procedures for the release of products.
Procedures for recalling products.
Writing and maintaining of standard operating procedures.
Principles of marketing.
Seminar presentation.
Communication skills.
Administrative structure of industrial outfits.
Sourcing of raw materials.
Water purification systems and equipment.
Setting up a small scale production outfit.

Send CV to Job code: DML / AUD – 009 as email subject.