Dana Group of Companies

Dana Group has established itself as an integral part of the Nigerian economy. A conglomerate of commercial, industrial and service-orientated organizations, Dana Group is one of the leading business houses in Nigeria. The Group comprises of pioneering businesses with a manufacturing base, structured to deliver flexibility and versatility to keep pace with ever-evolving global business influences while keeping ahead of the competition. Through her vision, resilience and teamwork, Dana Group has remained one of the foundations of Nigeria for the past three decades.


Ashmina LTD

Manufacturers of Aquadana water, quenching the thirst of Nigeria

Dana Drugs LTD

Dana Drugs manufactures cures for a wide range of common illnesses, keeping Nigeria healthy

Dana Motors Ltd

Wide range of passenger, commercial and special vehicles

Dana Plast LTD

The very first plastics company in Nigeria to be awarded with NIS certification of quality, Dana Plast manufactures premium plastic products and packaging.

Dana Steel Mill

Dana Steel – highest quality rolled steel products – literally building the foundations of Nigerian industry

Dana Air Limited

Fly the skies with Dana Air- Nigeria’s premier domestic airline

Dana Shipping

Nigeria’s premier shipping clearing services.